Are you concerned about all the bad news we hear about our planet?

Do you want to play your part in protecting nature?


Do you want an inspiring garden, bursting with life, birdsong and colour?


Are you looking to create a wildflower meadow?

Or to see butterflies flitting from flower to flower?

To hear the gentle hum of bees?  Or enjoy floral fragrances wafting through the evening air?

Above all, are you wanting to make a place for nature in your garden?



         If so, we're here to help! 

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Evan admiring Gaura lindheimeri

- one of Evan's favourite plants

Plan now for next summer

Hedgehog House

With some straw and leaves, a few old bricks and a paving slab and you're nearly there in creating an 'Escape to the Country'.

Reptile Residence

Find a quiet sunny spot in the garden and lay down a galvanised metal sheet.  The sun's warmth attracts all sorts of endangered species.

Great Crested Newt.jpg
Buggingham Palace

Bug hotels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  As we lose countryside to houses, it makes it all the more important to give insects a home.

Bug hotel 1.jpg

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