Tips on how to create an inspirational wildlife garden


A good way to understand how our gardens could be a better home for wildlife is actually to start by thinking about what our own basic needs are! These could likely include:

- Something to eat on a regular basis

- Something to drink, ideally very close by

- A place to sleep

- Somewhere safe and relaxed where you can rest and chill

- An opportunity to get out and meet others

- A good place to raise your offspring

- Somewhere to escape if times get really tough

If we have a good idea of the needs of the local wildlife, the more likely that they will choose our garden as their home.


As I develop the website, I intend to share the specific requirements of a range of individual species. Obviously, they do need to be present in an area if they are visit our garden, though the more we do to meet their requirements, the more likely that we will be successful.

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